The idea for the "Warmongers" first started as a trio of "military themed" seekers by Joe Toscano of Custom Masters. I liked his idea so much that I decided to push it a step further. I envisioned this team as the Decepticon answer to the Autobot Wreckers, a bunch of seekers who are experts at well....war. A single minded unit that is all business and knows how to get the job done. No questions, no hesitations, no monkey business. They just come in, blast away everything in site and move on to the next target. Anyway, Apache, Dunehopper & Osprey are all Custom Master originals while Dragonfly is my idea.

I fully intend to add to their ranks in the near future, although the other members probably won't be seekers, just to add to the variety. In the meantime you can check these guys out!