I'm always a sucker for new seeker characters/ideas. The "rainmaker" concept isn't new, they refer to a trio of un-named seekers who made ONE appearance in the original G1 cartoon. You can read about them here. The name finally became "official canon" when Hasbro released a toy of one of them dubbed "Acid Storm", his triad is mentioned in his bio as the "Rainmakers" however his other 2 team mates still remain nameless to this day. So I decided to give the team a personality/character upgrade. I envisioned this triad as a special toxic warfare team, hence the wierd "gas-masks" and modified arm canons, making them stand out more on their own.

I wasn't a fan of the name "Acid Storm" simply cuz we already had a "Sunstorm". didn't sound too original, so I tweaked his name and came up with "Acid Reign". As for his two mates, Introducing "Solar Strike" & "Gas Panic". Solar Strike is actually a character invented by Joe Toscano from Custom Masters, complete with his own bio which you can check out here. So props to him for that. Gas Panic is my own doing, oddly enough he reminds me of a Cobra Range Viper (THAT was purely coincidental, as was their masks sorta being similar to the Beast Wars Predacon insignia). Anyway, I think he caps off the trio quite nicely. Oh and I intentionally kept their tacky almost neon, monocolor theme....again, I think it gives their team some more personality as well as properly reflects their speciality. What do you think?