A few weeks ago, I was approched by Adam Alexander, who is prob more known to Tfans as Botch the Crab, owner of THE definitive Transformers box art archive on the net. He asked if I was interested in doing a custom render of his personal character Botch the Crab. Well I saw this as an opportunity to "give back" since I had used his archive countless of times for reference materials for my models. Anyway, He gave me some background on his character as well as his cohorts, Bungle and Fuck-Up. Naturally, me being the completist that I am, I just HAD to make these guys too. According to Adam, Fuck-Up was just a yellow recolor of Laserbeak...no prob. But Bunglem bungle happened to be a recolor of the ape-cassette Beastbox. Sooooooo...I decided to make myself a Beastbox...since I got him done, I figured...what the hell...Squawktalk soon followed...and well, with both of them done, it was only a matter of time that Squawkbox would make his debut on IaconCity. So here they are! Thanks Adam!



If you're not very familiar with this character, he is the original character of Adam Alexander...owner of THE definitive Transformers box art archive online. I was definitely interested in this character when he approached me asking if I'd consider re-doing his character Iaconcity-style. I have to say, it was a fun job to do....and actually pretty challenging trying to figure out a way to fit all those legs into a cassette form :) But I prevailed and even found some time to round up his posse....Bungle (Beastbox recolor) and Fuck-Up (Laserbeak recolor). Anyway, if anyone out there has got some fan/original characters that they'd like to see in 3D, just let me know...I can't promise anything but I'll definitely give it a look!