Probably one of the most requested characters ever. To be honest, I wasn't too much of a big fan. First, they transformed into construction, ok? Second, they formed Devastator, the first official G1 gestalt which I always translated to the oldest of the gestalts, w/c meant the inferior to the later models like SUperion, Bruticus, Menasor & co.

But the everytime I would make a new model, people would always ask for these guys. So I finally caved, and here they are. Anyway, I have gained a new appreciation for the character. Of all the gestalts, I have to admit, Devastator is unique. He doesn't fit the cookie cutter mold of the later teams, meaning the components were unique and not interchangeable. This gave him a sort of deformed frankenstein kind of look w/c basically made him look more imposing. So in short, I have been converted into a fan. Here's my tribute.