Not much to say here but well...since I did Blitzwing, I figured the next logical step would be his "buddy" Astrotrain. I'm sure some people are gonna complain about this so I'll get it out of the way. I PURPOSELY bulked up my Astrotrain. He's a transporter in essence so he's gotta be big. So's not the definitive version, but MY version of Astrotrain. And I think he looks cool this way :)





Next to Springer, this guy has got to be my next favorite triple changer. I mean he's a war machine. He transforms into a tank AND a jet..not like other triple chnagers who transform into non lethal forms...trains, airline jets, shuttles? This guy is all business. Just as an aside, I sort of remember a cartoon storyline where he was kicked out of the Decepticons or something....oh well, just found that inetersting.