I can't believe I did so many models and somewhere along the way forgot to make this guy. Probably one of the most popular of the few to go toe to toe with Megatron...and sometimes beat him. Anyway, although he wasn't one of my favorite characters, I still thought he was pretty here he is...the one eyed freak, the Decepticon's mad scientist...Shockwave! ....oh and the recolor of Shockwave is actually his "brother" Astro Magnum...a fan character created by Joe Toscano. Check out his profile in Joe's website...



I've always been interested in Gnaw. He's was originally introduced as a Decepticon....then in the movie, he was just one of many Sharkticons. Then in the comics, he got his own unique personality back but this time as an "Autobot" or at least an ally, companion of Wheelie...I found this dynamic interesting...although after re-reading the final issues of the Dreamwave G1 seemed like a possibility that they were setting him up as a mole for the Quintessons....oh well, guess we'll never know.

Modeling-wise, this character intrigued me since well obviously physically he didn't really fit the mold of the usual characters I made. As one person put it, Gnaw was the first FAT Transformer. That in itself enough to interest me. Although I must confess, I purposely shed some of his bulk to make him look less comedic and more imposing...kinda hard though especially with his great big googly eyes....oh well, I tried.