As I was going through the Transfandom Forums, I came upon this string started by a fellow fan who goes by the name of the Librarian. Anyway, it featured a bunch of original characters created by him called the High Hunt. They were basically more Transformers created by Unicron after Glavatron and co. left to become full fledged Decepticons. These "Unicronians" as they were called formed the "High Hunt", sort of like an amped up version of Scourge and his Sweeps. Anyway, I liked the idea a lot, especially the Librarian's characterizations w/c you can read in his string. The fact that they were all redesigns of the Scourge model made them even more appealing to me (Scourge is my favorite "new" Decepticon), plus it mean minamal work on my part :)

So with the Librarian's permission of course, I set out to do my interpretation of his creations. Of the 10 characters here, 7 are original Librarian creations (Macabre, Discord, Toil, Strife, Torment, Malice & Rot). AFter finishing them, I couldn't help but add 3 more to their ranks (Rage, Turmoil & Carnage)...hopefully the Librarian won't mind and even better yet, maybe come up with some background for these additional characters...anyway, enjoy :)