I'd like to believe like many others that this guy is the new and improved Skywarp. Anyway, I don't really have much to say about this guy or his targetmaster Nightstick....or my mind is just blank. oh well...

This character was christened by Joe Toscano once again. It's just a white recolor of Cyclonus which I found cool. Anyway to check out more of Joe's stuff....check out his CustomMasters website.


For quite some time, Scourge was the front-runner in my most requested "post-movie" character poll.
I'd like to believe that Scourge was constructed out of the remains of Thundercracker (my favorite Decepticon), so my favoritism carried over to him.

Anyway, I found it quite difficult to find some definitive version of Scourge since he seems to be drawn differently each I decided to come up with 2 versions, a bareboned version, which I decided to create into his Sweeps, and a little bit more detailed version for the master tracker himself. I also decided to include his targetmaster partner, Fracas. Well, that's it for now, enjoy :)