Ever since I was "introduced" to the character Jadewind by Joe Toscano through his website PROWL PANT'S CUSTOM MASTERS . It has become one of my goals to create a deent looking FEMALE seeker. My old version of Jadewind was just a re-colored version of my male seeker model. That had to change. So here SHE is, in a more 'presentable' form. Of course, what bad-ass female bot would be caught dead without her, 'gal pals'. So here are two more made up characters....more girls to add to the Decepticon army, Hellion & Nightraven, their profiles to follow soon...

Oh, and just for the sake of reference, I placed Thundercracker & Skywarp next to our new fembots in the last couple renders of Hellion & Nightraven just to see the differences between the models.