When I made my original version of Sunstorm, he had yet to make his 'official debut' into the Dreamwave comics, which basically took his existing personality and magnified it tenfold into a unique and interesting bad ass. Anyway, for the sake of uniqueness, I gave my original model a pair of goofy looking red sunglasses...not my best design decision. Anyway, with my new seeker model created, it was about time to give this guy his proper due :) plus it was interesting to see what one of my models would look like with a glow property attached to his entire body...not bad...



Of all my original models, my seeker models were one of my least's ironic then that it's the model I've used over and over again for my different variant characters. So when I looked at re-visiting my old models, this was one of the first one I decided to correct. Definitely an improvement. Now will this mean a NEW wave of made up Decepticons? We'll the meantime, here are the original triad.