Unfortunately, this redesign of Shockwave was never used in the War Within comics. But don't think I'm making it up...this design was actually made and is featured as extra featured artwork in the trade paperback. Too bad they didn't use it....just like Megatron, no matter how kickass Shockwave was as a giant flying gun (how wierd is that?) a bad ass tank will always be cooler.



After making Prime, it was pretty obvious that THIS guy had to be next. It's about time as well, since the Decepticons on this site were slowly getting out numbered. This is another case of "what the hell happened to this guy when he got to Earth?" I mean his gun form was pretty bad-ass, but come on.....I'll take a tank over the strongest gun you got anyday.

Anyway, this guy was a bit bore of a challenge since i only had ONE good picture of his transformed state so I had to use a little bit of imagination of how this guy transformed. But in the end, I think he came out ok.


Well, this was bound to happen.... First, some shots for the press side by side...then LET'S GET IT ON! Definitely future wallpaper consideration :)