This guy was designed byy Tenoh, a guy who visited my site and was kind enough to drop a line, as well as a request. I don't give in to all requests, but this one intrigued me. The last pic is the one Tenoh sent me, and I took the challenge to creat him in 3D. I hope he doesn't mind the few design liberties I took, especially the "big wheel" addition. I think it makes him look meaner and cooler as well.

My friend joked that he would be better off being called "Tread Master" or "Super Wheel". Funny guy :) I actually think "Tread Master" sounds cool, if he came out before the exercise equipment....


More seeker creations from PROWL PANT'S CUSTOM MASTERS. According to Joe Toscano, these guys all follow a common military camouflage color theme. So keeping in line with his idea, and to differentiate these guys from the other seekers, I've done some modifications to their bodies as well. Notice their blunt noses and different arm weapons. I think these give them a more hard-nosed military feel.




I figured my Decepticon contingent needed more personel. I also figured that after modelling all these vehicles, weapons and accessories, that I had yet to model a tank and a helicopter. So, killing 2 birds with one stone, we have two new inventions of mine, Switchblade & Salvo. I created them on the fly, meaning I didn't draw up any plans on how they would look or how they would transform prior to actually working on the models. Not bad huh? Oh and as for the colors, I know they lost this year, but they're be back...GO LAKERS :)