Of the three original seekers, my favorite was always Thundercracker. He was the "first" transformer I actually got. Actually, my Thundercracker wasn't the official version but the original one from Diaclone. Anyway, since these guys are pretty much identical, making one meant actually making all three, so here they are.

A few modifications to the robot heads and jet wings and you get the 2nd wave of seekers. At first I hated the fact that their heads looked the way they do. I guess they needed a more obvious way to differentiate these guys from the original seekers. Eventually though, their modified look grew on me. As usual, i had to cheat and scale down the jet cone when they transform to robot mode, otherwise, their heads would be way too tall.


Ok ok, officially, these guys don't really exist. In the cartoon, whenever there was an episode involving a return to Cybertron, you could almost count on some unamed seekers making brief cameo appearances to make life harder for the autobot returnees. Anyway, I was surfing one day and came upon a site called PROWL PANT'S CUSTOM MASTERS that belongs to a guy who makes custon transformers. Anyway, he took the time to creat names and personas (and for most, even bios and tech specs) for these cartoon extras that in turn sparked my creative juices. Admitedly, not much effort was needed for these 'variations' but it was fun thickening my Decepticon ranks with these colorful seekers.

As an addional note, the first three seekers, Amethyst, Jadewind & Solarstrike are from the Custom Masters site. The last however, Stormchill is an original one by me :)