Again like Impactor and Rack'N'Ruin, I wasn't too familiar with this character, but I heard a LOT about him, being probably the most famous "obscure" character from the UK comic. He's supposed to be one of the oldest Transformers, sort of like an Alpha Trion for the comics, but more than that, he was one of the Autobot leaders who would order around the Wreckers...

ANyway, that little relation to the Wreckers was enough for me to add him into IaconCity. Just like Impactor & RnR, I found his portrayal quite plain...so again I embelished a lot. Basically I wanted him to look...old...not decrepit, but his style should look a little more refined as compared to other bots. He's not a fighter, so I didn't give him a weapon, but I did load him up with armor to keep him up well protected. I found his face in the comics interesting, especially his mouth...which looked well...crude. So I likened it to a sort of face protector, sorta like an "iron mask" to protect is VERY old face...ha ha.

Finally, although he didn't Transform, cuz he was so old. It was noted that he COULD, and that he transformed into a cybertronian Tank. I didn't think that really fit his personality so I changed him into a "hover tank" made him a little bit more sleek. ANyway I think it came out ok :)




Just like Rack'N'Ruin, being a completist, I just HAD to make this guy. And JUST like Rack'N'Ruin, I found his representation in the UK comics...lacking. So I ended up adding a lot of my own embelishments....which is what makes making these obscure characters so fun! Basically I had one goal,,,,,to make this guy one TOUGH S.O.B. I mean he WAS the original Wrecker leader.

For those of you familiar with my models, you will notice though that I borrowed a lot from my Sentinel Prime and War Within Prime models...mixing and matching to make a new model (that's the advantage of having done so much) As a result, I think he bears an eery resemblance to my Sentinel Prime model even down to his alternat mode (which wasn't intentional). I wanted his alternate mode to somewhat resemble War Within Grimlock's tank mode which was very front heavy. It looks crude I'll admit, but I think it suits his character just fine. Its a shame he had to die...



Ok, I'm not very familiar with the UK comics or the original adventures of the Wreckers. I first learned of this guy from ProwlPant's Custom Masters site a while back. And ever since then, I've always been intrigued by this character. So when I decided to do my Wreckers, he was definitely on my list. Now since there wasn't too much reference material available aside from pics from the UK comics, which didn't really give the guy much detail, I decided to embelish...a LOT. I also got some ideas from here hope the artist didn't mind me lifting some design elements from him. The biggest change I did was to his weapons. I thought the whole hammer /anvil combo was rather ...hokey so I decided to drop the anvil and replace it with a blaster (similar to Whirl) however, I kept in some design elements of the anvil in the blaster...I thought that was a pretty neat way to sort of stay "true" to the original design.

Although it was quite tempting, I decided to stay true to his orgin and NOT give him an alternate mode. So here is the Wrecker's hand to hand specialist...with an IaconCity twist!