Triple changers are always a challenge, since more often then not, when it comes to the toys, they are great in concept but awful in execution. When it comes to the toys, one thing is certain, at least one or two or even three modes will suck. So as always they presented an interesting challenge for me.

For Broadside, I did the most tweaking to his jet mode. The toy version literally looked like a box with a nosecone and wings. So I took many design liberties on this. I think it came out ok...making him look like some sort of harrier type jet. As for the aircraft carrier mode, I admit, this is probably the LAZIEST 3D modelling job that I've done. Simply because I didn't have enough time...and patience to add so much detail to the control tower...and YES the whole runway area is bad. But I think it's decent from a simplistic point of view.

Sandstorm was a little more fun to do. I also added a few details to both modes (grabbing the wheels, headlights and engine from my Beachcomber model). The biggest mod I did here was for the ginormous wheels that I believe is a must for Dunebuggies. I had to find some way to store them away in bot and Helicopter mode. So the rear wheels were relocated to the forearms which worked out ok I guess :) anyway, there you have it, Springer can now rejoice, his less famous triple changer brothers are now here! Enjoy!