Well here he favorite Transformer in another version....Alternators style :) One of my main irritations with the toy was that I felt he wasn't painted right. So given that I never did real model painting and stuff, I didn't dare try and paint my toy, so here's the next best thing...Alternators Sunstreaker, they way he should have ben done....imho.



It's been awhile....this guy has been in the making for quite some time now. The "twins" specifically Sunstreaker have always been my favorite Transformers. SO when I ventured into making Alternators, these guys were definitely on my top to do list. Since Sunstreaker is a souped up version of Sideswipe, it was only natural to model Sideswipe first.

I started with this model a few months back...and have been working on it intermittently since then...when I finally decided to crank down and finish it this weekend...I admit I opretty much rushed him out of excitement. SO if it looks a little rough (especially the Viper mode) sorry...but my real goal in making these models is to soup up the robot I gave that more preference.

On a side note, I was really frustrated with the Viper mold used for the SUnstreaker/Sideswipe toy. It LOOKS good, but the legs have no poseability. And for an alternator, that kinda sucks,,,so anyway, I decided to rectify that with mu model. Enjoy...Sunstreaker to folow soon...hopefully not in another four months :)