A couple of months ago, I purchased my first 2 Alternators, they being SUnstreaker (my all time favorite Transformer) and Prowl. Little did I know that this innocent purchase would lead to a major obsession. As of today I have been able to put together a collection of 15 Alts...not too shabby and have become an official collector. Of course I had to have a good reason for spending all that money...why for REFERENCE material of course :) so after getting over some intimidation....I've now finished my first alternator :) One thing I enjoyed with modelling is that I can do ANYTHING...while the older toys called for a lot of modifiacations on my part, the Alternators are NEAR perfect :) BUT I was able to nitpick and find minor (or sometimes major) problems with each character. FOr Tracks, it was his chest, It's just too damn here he is, my interpretation...with a wider chest :) ANyway, stay tuned...more alt goodness to come :)