I purposely held off doing an updated version of Tracks for some time now. Primarily because I was intimidated with his alt mode. The 1980 Corvette is a very "curvy car" and well...anyone who knows 3D modelling knows that boxy stuff is SO much easier to do than organic curvy stuff...I luterally had 4 o5 botched attempts at modelling the front section of the car before I finally settled on one that I found acceptable. With that out of the way...the rest of the car & the robot itself were just easy pickings. SO here he is, my new and improved Tracks!



Little by little, I'm completing my War WIthin's Tracks. For some reason, Tracks is shown in the War Within comics sporting a black face as opposed to the usual red. I decided to extend that color to the entire model and give him an over-all darker feel....sort of reflecting the "Dark-ages" era. I even went as far to change the familiar fire bird decal and switch it to a sort of black flame design. This sort of fits with the whole darker image. So here he is... enjoy :)