Sentinel Prime is recognized by many people (including the MArvel & DW comics) as Optimus Prime's predecessor. The Prime who eventually dies and passed off the Matrix to Optimus. To my knowledge, his character was never really flesshed out. Enter Mr. Hans Kappers who took the time out and made Sentinel Prime his own with this inspiring design/interpretation of the former Autobot commander. NAturally, when I first saw his design, I knew instantly that I had to emulate it in 3D, it's THAT good :) So with Han's permission/blessing and lots more reference material from him, I bring to you, Sentinel Prime, in all his acient glory. After doing this, all I have to say is how the HELL did Megatron manage to kill THIS guy? He really must be one bad m#*%#R F&@%#r...anyway, great job Hans! keep the cool designs coming :)