These are mostly recolors of the original minibots. Most of them made about one appearance in the cartoon that I can think of...they served as cannon fodder for Trypticon. Oh well, in anycase, I found their recolorings & slight redesigns interesting and so it was a no brainer to make more use of my original models. After reading their profiles in the Dreamwave MTMTE series, it seems that they probably would have made interesting characters had they been given more screen time, especially Hubcap & Tailgate....but now we'll never know.

Oh and I stuck Bumper into this group. Are rather useless character in my opinion. I mean he was portrayed in the DW G1 series as a rookie with lots of self doubt blah blah blah.....he just came out like a poor man's Bumblebee. Too bad, they could've given him a slight recolor (yellow? come on!) and gave him some sort of tactless beligerent personality....that would make things more interesting...oh well, one can dream. Here they are.