After I finished the original 6 minibots, people were clamoring for these guys, so here they are...the second wave of minibots. Like their predecessors, the toys of most of these minibots shared similar simplistic transformations and often hideous robot forms. So as always, the challenge was there to make their robot forms or at the very least proportionally correct. This posed problems with characters such as Warpath & Seaspray as their feet were well...huge. And I didn't want to resort to too much cheating....and majorly shrinking their feet when they transform. The end result is ok I guess? Well they're a hell of a lot better than the toys

What I'll always remember about these guys were the silly and often stupid voices these guys got. My memoriy is hazy but well...Beachcomber was your smooth talking radio DJ (almost bordering on stoner) bot, Cosmos was Mexican, Powerglide sounded like a used car salesman, Seaspray had water in his helmet and Warpath...well he always interjected "whams" and "Bams" in his either loved it or you hated it...but at least they had distinct personalities.