Making Devastator and the COnstructicons basically wiped me out...so for my next project I decided to take it easy. Do a little mix and matching, recoloring and come up with some pretty cool new designs. I've been currently engrossed in reading the Devil's Due G.I.Joe comics (yes I love G.i>Joe too...just not as much as my robots :) and so I was inspired. I had already made a pretty good Cobra Stinger model for my rendition of the Sunstreaker & Sideswipe as they were portrayed in the first Devil's Due G.I.Joe vs Transformers mini-series. So I figured why not re-use it. And who better to receive this modified alternate form than the original Autobot Jeep, HOUND!

So here we have a look at Hound, had he been redesigned as a G.I.Joe V.A.M.P. On a sidenote, the V.A.M.P. was one of the first G.I>Joe toys I had so yes, it holds some special value for me. I'll admit I was lazy (as usual) and didn't really want to model the insides...so I stuck with the covered/armored designs of the Stinger model. Think of it as a modified V.A.M.P.

As for Foxtrot..well, it seems these two guys are joint at the hip since a minor face modification (add a visor), add some rockets, a color change and you got my very own fan created character Foxtrot! Anyway, it just made perfect sense to make Foxtrot into the V.A.M.P. mark II. So there you have it....hopefully I'll be adding more models to this G.I.Joe/Transformers line in the near future...any suggestions on who should be what? Oh and before anyone says it, YES I do fully intend to do the Don Figueroa designs of Prime/Rolling Thunder & Megatron/Dominator as soon :) YO JOE!