Jetfire being HEAVILY featured in the first story arc for the now defunct Dreamwave G1 series basically meant one thing...TONS of reference material for this NEW model of Jetfire. It also helps that of all my version models, my first version of Jetfire was the crappiest of the lot (in my opinion....they all were crap though). So here he is, the MUCH improved Jetfire. As a side note, I have to commend Don Figueroa, he basically made this character COOL again for me...from his War Within version to this revamped version of the TV Jetfire/Skyfire design. Thanks a lot Mr. Figueroa....your carefully thought-out design concepts are delight to model :) may you be back to drawing Transformers VERY soon (preferably G1 stuff :)

Oh and as for the last pictures...I just played around with some color variants....the blue and red being my tribute to Robotech's Max & Myria Sterling :) If anyone is interested in coming up with character profiles for them...please feel free to email them to me :)