Much like Springer, I modeled Arcee because she posed a unique challenge. My first female bot created from scratch. ANyway, my old version looked too scrawny, like she was ready to fall apart. Must have overdid the feminine aspect. Anyway, I just figured I'd toughen up her model a bit...and fix her face. So here she is, new and improved, posing with her 2 favorite bots...Springer & Hotrod.


Way before I decided to go all out and model all the movie characters, I decided to model Springer for the simple reason that he was a triple changer (my favorite of them TC) so it was a challenge. I always assumed my Springer model was ok....until I pulled him out for a little dueling with my Wreck-Gar model. Anyway, net to Wreck-Gar, my Springer looked terribly lacking. So Just when I thought I was done with all the movie characters I set out to do, here we are with a second take on my favorite triple changer. Naturally, I beefed him up and fixed up his face. Definite improvement.