I wasn't sure if I really wanted to model this guy. Then I watched Transformers the movie again, and I was conviced that I had to give it a shot. First of all, he was a motorcycle, so that in itself was something new for me. Secondly, he had that damn long mustache and goatee that I had to pull off.

Anyway, that being said, I wasn't THAT excited to finish him per se...I was excited that this would be pretty much the last movie character I would be doing for awhile (yes don't hold your breath for Unicron) so admittedly, I kinda rushed this guy and wasn't such a stickler for detail etc. And yes I'll beat my critics to the punch. YES I admit I was too damn lazy to texture this guy (as I am with all my models) so yes he is SHINY when he should look...well, "junky"? So just suspend your beliefs and imagine that he just stepped out of the best carwash on Cybertron :) And yes he is "riding" on himself...I was too lazy to actually model another Junkion, I thought about it but well...nah...so this'll have to do.

Finally, just wanted to explain the inclusion of Springer...yeah that was one of my favorite parts of the movie...Wreck-gar's little duel with SPringer. Personally I think Springer would have killed him...he was just holding back.