When I first started this hobby, there was NO WAY in hell that I thought I would end up doing this guy. But then again, whether you liked him or not, he was a part of the "movie gang". Although everyone seems to hate the guy, I didn't mind him much...I really didn't find him THAT annoying....they've done worse...like Ironhide :)

Anyway, this was sort of a rush job (did everything in half a day) so critics...don't crucify me for any mistakes or lack of detail. I just couldn't justify giving more time for this guy. Well aside from being a completist, there were other reasons I decided to make Wheelie. First I wanted to make a Transformer without having to model a new gun...hence Wheelie's sling shot. Second, I like the extra challenge of taking a toy with a super crappy robot form and make him into something decent while keeping him still fully transformable (with minimal cheating of course). Third, this gave me a chance to make the head unique. One of the most common complaint I get is that I use the same head over and over, rarely taking the opportunity to make each character unique (I SWEAR! I put robo=wrinkles on Kup!) ....well, so this time around I really had to modify his face since Wheelie is a kid....hopefully that'll silence some critics :) And finally, I figured since he's not that popular (quite an understatement) I figure I won't get too much nitpicking from fans (never realized there were so many Kup lovers out there...) Anyway, I've blabbed enough...here he is for all to see, the Autobot survivalist....Wheelie.