Your typical hot headed "teen-aged" robot. I guess he was created cuz people who watched Transformers the movie NEEDED someone to root for. Personally I wasn't THAT big a fan, he was OK, and had a pretty cool looking alt mode. Speaking of alt modes....I had particular difficulties with this one since for the life of me, I couldn't get his arms to fit in the end to make a little of it up. SO although the alt mode isn't AS exact to the cartoon/toy, I'd like to think that it still looks passable...maybe one day I'll get back to this and retouch him..Anyway, here he is.


You either love this guy or you hate him. I particularly didn't care much for the character (starting to notice a trend with me and the movie characters?). But the more I worked on this guy, the more he grew on me. I guess him being not SO perfect as a leader, even if he was set up that way in the movie, adds some character to him, moreso than Optimus, who seemed perfect. This guy was just thrust into the spotlight and well...he tries. He doesn't seem like as big as a loser/wuss as Ultra Magnus. If you can get past the fact that he was a cheap attempt to sell more toys and the toy makers tried to make him ALMOST exactly like Optimus (down to the name) then you're left with a pretty cool character in my opinion.