When I made my new version of Optimus Prime, just for kicks I made a render of my model recolored as Ultra Magnus. Naturally when people saw it, they assumed that a full blown Ultra Magnus wasn't far behind in the works.

Well, he wasn't. First of all, I was never a big fan of the character. Typical powerful warrior with even bigger insecurities....snore, been there done that...Aside from that, the task was rather daunting as trailer had to somehow be incorporated onto the "Prime" body. I could have cheated and just created an altogether separate trailer/magnus body that didn't have anything to do with the Prime model but....well where's the fun in that? Let's just say it seemed like too much work for a character I didn't particularly liked much....

But, well, at the end of the day, I always like a challenge...and since I was on this Post movie characters trip, he seemed like a logical place to start (again). So here he is. Ultra Magnus, the Autobot City Commander. I think he came out pretty well. What do you think?