These guys were inevitable given the new models that I made for the original counterparts. Some may view it as laziness, but what the hell, I plan to get as much milage from these models as possible.


After finishing up all my recolors, I realized that pretty much all my original G1 cars had been recolored into new characters (in some cases even undergone gender changes!). Almost all, except Prowl/Bluestreak model....granted it had been used thrice already, I guess toymakers didn't see the point in making another re-color of this guy. But, I'm a completist, so in order to make my "next-wave" of Aurtobots complete, all the cars had to be now we have Green Track. I chose the color green for even simpler one else had that color yet. So while it may seem a tad bit forced...I think ultimately he looks cool. Will write up his profile soon.

As a side note, if you're wondering about the image names..."Gecko" was my working name for this guy...I sort of liked it and was almost ready to use it. But In the end, I kinda figured it was too wierd a name....what do you think?