Well, here they are, the MOST requested remodeling job for the moment. Before starting this project, there were THREE objectives I set out to do: First: improve upon my initial models (obviously). Second: include two new characters that I've had swimming in my mind for quite some time now (more on those later). Third: test my creative juices and see if I could come up with a Dinobot combiner that would give Predaking (or any Decepticon ofr that matter) a run for his money. ANyway, I'm proud to say that I've succeeded on all three counts :)

When the Dinobots first came out, way back in the 80's? They were modeled after the 5 most popular dinosaurs of the time (and they still are the most popular in my opinion). Left out though was the ankylosaurus. Although he wasn't as popular as the others, I still think a "walking tank" with a clubbed tail was unique enough to get a dinobot design. Unfortunately, toy makers thought otherwise. Too bad, here's my idea of what a Dinobot modeled after an ankylosaurus would look like. Introducing SLAM (I just LOVE that name...perfect). Too bad he'll only exist in my website.

The Velociraptor only became popular after Jurassic Park came out. SInce then, he's become one of the most popular dinosaurs nowadays (some say, pound for pound, the fiercest dinosaur ever). I liked the idea of making a runt sized dinobot. SLASH may be small, but just like his dinosaur counterpart is just as fierce...with a rotten pissed off attitude (due to the fact that he hates being so damn small) and you've got one bad bot.