I've made it no secret that my favorite Transformer of all time is that egotistical psychopath Sunstreaker. He was the FIRST Transformer I ever made, with is brother being the next. I was so happy when these guys turned out to be one of the most requested models that required a major retouching. So excuse me if I get a little bit nostalgic here....

Since these guys were my FIRST models, I pretty much created them "on the fly" with almost zero reference materials except for my memories of these two guys. The result? the boxiest pair of lamborghini cars you'd ever laid your eyes upon.

So this time around, I wanted to do it RIGHT. These aren't re-touched models, these are NEW models created from scratch (ok ok, I re-used some parts from my Cobra version models of these guys). But the car model is brand new, I tried to make it as accurate as possible to the real car....not bad :)