I was never really a Grimlock fan. That's probably why it took me forever to finally get around to working on this model. I'll be the first to admit, this isn't my best effort. Just something I figured I should get done. And in anycase, I figured Jetfire could use a pal :)



I was never really planning to do this guy, even though I think his 'redesign' was really cool. For kicks, I just decided to add his name to my "who's next" poll as filler. And all of a sudden, he shot up to the most requested model. Guess his starring role in The War Within: The Dark Ages really won him a lot of fans (or is he really THAT popular?) Anyway, it took me awhile to actually get to work on him cuz I was waiting for him to actually transform in the series so I could see what his alternate cybertronian mode was like...but it never happened. Luckily, afterer scouring the net, I actually found a sketch by Don Figueroa which included his alternate mode, which by the way is SO COOL (hints of Cyclonus though). Anyway, with tha problem out of the way, I present to you....Jetfire.

Originally, Jetfire was supposedly a Decepticon. Just having a little fun with that idea....evil Jetfire :)