The people have spoken....and so due to popular demand, here's my rendition of the great Autobot leader.

Well......I really wasn't planning on making this guy. Partly because almost everyone who does 3D Transformers has done this guy, and partly due to slight intimidation. I mean if you're gonna do Prime, it better be GOOD! Hope this is good enough.

I wouldn't say that this was a rush job, but I was so excited to get this done that I pulled an all-nighter just to finish him up.

A fellow pinoy fan suggested I make an 'evil version' of Prime just for kicks...so here it is. I wonder what a "good" Megatron would look like?


My poll on "Who's Best" showed me that my War Within Bluestreak model wasn't getting "any love". Looking back, I don't think that the model was any good, but his pose wa rather boring and unimaginative and totally "out of character" for him. Bluestreak isn't the hard, rugged and stoic type....but more dynamic. Anyway, I figured I'd revisit my old model, give him a new pose and wala! Hopefully he'll get more votes his way now.

As an added bonus, I also recolored him to represent the "blue" bluestreak which I think makes for a better color combination that boring old silver and gray. What do you think...I actually thing that this guy is my favorite model for now.