I swear, these War Within re-designs are infinitely so much better than the Earthly re-designs we've come to be familiar with. So expect more War Within models in the near future :)



My FIRST tripple changers. Compared to the Decepticon tripplechangers, the Autobot versions didn't have much for personalities. Sandstorm was hardly used in the cartoon (maybe for just 1 story arc) and Broadside, well I don't even remember seeing him at all. Springer however was different, he was popular, so popular that he was one of the "in-gang" along with Hotrod, Arcee. Kup & Blurr.

When I was constructing this guy, he slowly started to remind me of a Japanese Samurai, what with the sword and his samurai-like helmet. So I had fun posing him in whatever samurai like way I could come up with. Anyway, this was one of the reasons I decided to make him. Another was that his being a tripple changer challenged me, and finally cuz since I already made Arcee, why not her main bot Springer as well (yes I prefer him for Arcee over Hot Rod) So the final renders are the two of them together.