This was a special request by one of my visitors. Of course it presented another "challenge" for me. Before this, all my "female" Transformers were merely remodified old models. This is my first female Transformer that I built from scratch. Hopefully, she won't be the last.



It's been over a year since I made my first 3D Transformer and since then, I'd like to think I've gotten considerably better. So it was only a matter of time before I "re-do" one of my previous models. So lookiing back at all the old stuff I did, Mirage was the first one which screamed "make-over". Anyway, I've decided to go for more of the toy version, I've come to like his "half-blue" face and adopted it in this new version, makes him look a bot like Batman :) Anyway, If I have the time, I'll probably be revisiting more of my old models and updating them, but that's a big "IF". In the meantime, check out the last pic, the old and new Mirage side by side, I'd say it's a major improvement :)