These designs came out in the G.I.Joe Transformers miniseries done by Image. Basically, in this 'alternate univers', Cobra uncovers the Ark and rebuild most of the Transformers, except this time around, they Transform into Cobra vehicles. While most of the designs were rather....odd, like Brawn and Gears transforming into flight pods, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe transforming into Night Stinger jeeps were pretty cool.

Even if they both transformed into the same vehicle, I liked the challenge of having the vehicle transform two very different ways. I also tried to retian some of the characteristic detials of each robot and give them their respective color highlights. I think they come out pretty good.

Now if only Dreamwave would hurry up and make a War Withing issue with these guys on it, now that would be a treat to design :)



I absolutely loved the re-imagining of the Autobot and Decepticon designs done in Dreamwave's War Within series. Prowl and Bluestreal were my favorites and thus have become my first subjects into this new ground. I decided to put as much detail as I could to make these models the best I've come up with yet. I'm especially proud of the new face I made from scratch.

Hopefully, these guys will only be the beginning. Now if only they'd design a Sunstreaker and Sideswipe....