After Grumblebee and Stiffworker, I figured, if you could have Autobot "defectors", why couldn't we have any Decepticon "defectors" as well. Hell, we already have some major characters like Thundercracker secretly doubting the cause already. So with that in mind, we have a seeker "defector", Slipstream.

He pretty much sports the basic seeker body with just one major revision. I really liked what Dreamwave did with their redesign of Skyfire/Jetfire for the War Within Series. So I basically copied the idea to give Slipstream a face visor. I just though it made him look a little cooler and differentiate him from other seekers. Plus, if you were a traitor, would you be so willing to show your face anywhere?




The original Ironhide was released colored black. figured since I did the yellow Trailbreaker, I might as well finish what I started and did the Diaclone Ironhide as well. Introducing Lowlight.

Clampdown is yet another re-issue/recolor of the Sideswipe figure.

Instead of just recoloring old existing models (especially SIdeswipe's which I've recolored to death with Red Alert, Tigertrack & Deep Cover) I decided to give myself a challenge. I figure there aren't enough female first gen Transformers so why not just add to their there you have it, female versions of Ironhide and Sideswipe....what do you think?





I was going through an old Diaclone catalogue that I found lying around my room and came across som artwork depicting "Trailbreaker" with a yellow paint job. This got me character time again :) hence, we have the Autobot's resident desert/hostile environment specialist....Sunburn :)

Wheeljack's original DIaclone form was brought to my attention again by Joe Toscano of PROWL PANT'S CUSTOM MASTERS . He named his creation Malboor for obvious reasons :) I decided to call mine Breakout...oh well, whatever works...