Two of the more popular characters in the cartoon. I had the Mirage toy so I kinda like hime more. Plus I think Hound is a wimp for getting beat up by Rumble underneathe Sherman Dam. Plus, while doing my research on these characters (e.i. looking for pictures for reference) I came across interesting character info on Mirage, which includes a possible defection to the Decepticons. I wish they explored this angle more.

Ironhide, my LEAST favorite Autobot, the one I was GLAD to see die in the movie. I only decided to make him and Ratchet because of the challenge. Obviously, their cartoon versions are nothing like the toy so it took a lot of CHEATING on my part to actually pull of the transformation into their cartoon robot forms. The whole middle section of the van had to be scrunched up in order to make the robot presentable. Not too bad final result. But I still hate Ironhide.....

Trailbreaker, one of the more under-used character, and Wheeljack, one of the most over used characters. Tha's all I have to say, neither are really favorites of mine, but I did end up liking the models I made of them.

Can't be complete without this guy :)