These were my first two models. Sunstreaker has always been my favorite Transformer and I really hated the fact that he was rarely used in the cartoon. His egotistical loner personality could have been the basis of many intersting storylines. Oh well, I never liked Sideswipe as much, but it only seemed right to have BOTH of them. Can't have one without the other. Unlike my later models, their car modes aren't modeled after the actual toys, they're made mostly from my own recallection hence their rather boxy look. But I think they look cool anyway.

Of all the Autobots who died in the movie, aside from Prime of course, I really felt that Prowl's was a big waste. He was also one of my favorites. After making Sideswipe, Red Alert was a no brainer, just some minor remodeling and a new paint job and you have a new Autobot :) I figured that Prowl and Red Alert would make a good pair.

Once again, after making Prowl, making these two was a no brainer. Bluestreak, along with Megatron and Jetfire were my first ever Transformer toys, hence he will always have some sentimental value to me. I think Smokescreen was given a great injustice in the cartoon, the way they 're-designed' him to differentiate him from Bluestreak and Prowl was horrible. Check them out here . Hopefully, my model will do him justice.

Jazz, the Autobot with the most memorable voice NOT done by Casey Kasem. Tracks, Sunstreaker part two, another egotistical character, whose voice in the cartoon, made you question exactly gender he really was? Nevertheless, he was a cool toy.